About Us

About Us

Cash Discovery Program has been helping dealerships since 2005. We help dealerships with idle inventory turn it into cash. We help dealers increase their parts department revenue by finding them quick-turning inventory at a discount.

We offer the largest network of buyers and sellers compared to our competitors. This means your parts get optimal exposure to buyers, and you have a high likelihood of finding the parts you need at a discount.

We take pride in knowing we’ve helped more parts managers than any other idle inventory service in the business.

Don't just Listen to Us.  Here's What our Clients Say.

“Dealer principles need to be reminded that they have no problem wholesaling a used car for a loss, so why should selling idle parts be any different?  They take that money to buy other cars to sell, and turn a profit.  Cash Discovery Program helps you do just that with your idle parts inventory.
For buyers, Cash Discovery Program is also a great way to increase gross profit. The old saying” buy low and sell high” is still a good way to run a business. Don’t be afraid to use Cash Discovery.  Everybody has some idle inventory to sell, and everybody can benefit from buying at a discount.”
Max Gill, Parts Director, Russell & Smith Ford
“We use CDP to purchase parts as often as six times per day, and consider Cash Discovery a significant profit center for the dealership. We rely on it every month to help achieve our bottom line. Once you’re set up, it’s a very simple, straightforward process to review the transactions, approve them, and receive the parts.” 
Larry Greenhalgh, Parts Director, Jerry Seiner Chevrolet
“I’ll receive an email with a potential transaction, and in one click, I see which parts I could sell—parts that aren’t selling in my dealership. I will double-check to make sure they are sellable, accept the transaction, pull the parts, invoice them out, apply the discount, and ship them to the buyer. It’s really simple and doesn’t take very long to use.”
Mark Chaney, Parts Manager, Kerry Ford