How it Works

Where Supply Meets Demand

Whether you have idle inventory to sell, or are looking to buy fast-turning parts at a discount, Cash Discovery Program is fast and easy to use. Our account representatives guide you through the process:

  • We create a custom profile based on your preferences. Our proprietary algorithm matches our selling dealers’ inventory with the demand of our buyers, taking into account value and geographic distance.
  • This match creates a transaction opportunity for both buyer and seller. We alert the buyer—who reviews, edits and accepts the purchase opportunity. Then we alert the seller, who can review, edit and accept the sale.
  • The seller pulls and ships the parts. Once received, the buyer pays the seller. Success!

The process doesn’t end there! The program continues matching selling dealers’ remaining idle parts, and finding discounted parts for buying dealers that they can turn quickly… creating new matches, reducing your idle inventory, and helping you increase your parts department revenue!